019: The Power of Branding to Step Out & Shine with Michelle Villalobos


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Michelle helps rising stars position and promote themselves as thought leaders in their fields of expertise both inside their industries, or inside their corporate environments. She does this through speaking to audiences, facilitating high-level group trainings, and offering private coaching to women. Michelle's clients include large, well-known corporations like Burger King, American Express, Audi, Gibraltar Bank, Frito-Lay, LivingSocial, and Constant Contact, among others. But another passion is helping small businesses – particularly, but not only, women-owned ones. She loves to create huge breakthroughs to drive visibility, credibility and marketability for those women. You can see why she’s on this episode, so get ready to enjoy Michelle’s story and expertise.

Finding your perfect fit doesn’t always come along as you expect.

Michelle Villalobos is the first to tell you that. She worked hard to get to the top in her chosen profession and when she got there she discovered something surprising: she wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that she’d lost her interest in her field, it was that her lifestyle wasn’t what she wanted. That began a journey of her discovering more who she was and what she was good at. It took a long time and her path wasn’t easy, but Michelle discovered that her ultimate desires focused around helping others achieve their dreams through developing a personal branding strategy that serves their dreams. You can hear about Michelle’s journey and how she made those discoveries as she chats with Maribel on this episode.

Narrowing her focus brought even greater opportunities.

Once Michelle Villalobos began her branding business she knew she was on the right track. But there was still a catch inside, something telling her that she still wasn’t dialed all the way into her deepest desires. As she considered that catch, she came to the conclusion that her deepest desire was to work with women entrepreneurs. But that realization brought some fears with it. How could she afford to narrow her market? Wouldn’t that remove opportunities for her to generate income? What she found was not only surprising, it was counterintuitive - and it’s the same lesson you’ll need to learn to maximize your business.

Hear Michelle’s tips on how to get there on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneurs.

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