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How are you? No podcast Inglês Online de hoje eu falo sobre a expressão “dad jokes”, entre outras.

Já ouviu falar?

Ouça mesmo assim :) Listening é sempre bom, especialmente se você mora no Brasil!


Hi, everyone! This is Ana, today we have another episode of our impromptu podcast. Just to give you an update on the weather, like a couple of weeks ago I said that it was unbearably hot… and the temperature fortunately has dropped a few degrees. So today we didn’t even have a sunny day, I mean, it was reasonably warm but not unbearable, y’know… So it was good, I mean, it was a bit cloudy, but that’s fine, it was not too hot.

So, how are you doing? What have you been up to? What’s the weather like? Is it still cold in Brazil? What part of Brazil are you in, and what’s the weather like where you are? I mean, if you are in Rio you don’t even need to answer because I know it’s super hot, but if you are in other parts of the country, what’s the weather like right now? Probably not too hot, but getting warmer, right?

Ok, so, I’m looking up right now and I’m looking at this abandoned spider web and I have to say something. In Brazil I think everyone can relate… in Brazil where I grew up, anyway, we had cockroaches. In terms of insects and bugs it was like, cockroaches and ants. Every house I lived in, every place I lived in… Every once in a while we would see like a cockroach, ant…like on the kitchen-top if you left anything sugary, like a jar with sugar or any kind of sweet, a candy bar, anything! I mean, in ten minutes that thing would be covered in ants.

So, here in the UK, it’s kind of weird, I just haven’t gotten used to it. It’s not that I miss the cockroaches and the ants, I don’t! But I have been in the UK for six years now and I have never seen a cockroach. Honestly, there are no cockroaches here and to be very honest with you I never see ants either. Maybe if I look for them outside I will be able to find some ants, but let me tell you what I see here all the time- it’s spiders! Now, let me know how you feel about spiders. If I had to pick between cockroaches and spiders, I would pick spiders all the way. However, with that said- here in the UK in every place I’ve lived in I have seen the biggest spiders I have ever seen in my life. When I lived in Brazil I never saw spiders this big. We don’t have cockroaches, but we have spiders and if I leave my window open, let’s say it’s hot and I want to feel the breeze from the street and so I open my window. Let’s say I leave it open for a couple of hours, I mean, you can bet the next few days I’m going to see spiders crawling on the floor, I’m going to start seeing spiderwebs, it’s just…ugh… I can’t kill anything, so I what do is I trap the spider inside a glass jar and I release it outside, y’know, that’s what I do. But anyway, that’s what we have here, no cockroaches which I’m very happy about but spiders- and gigantic ones.

Ok, so, the other day I just heard this expression so check this out. I don’t think we have this expression in Brazil which is ‘dad jokes’, not “dead” as in the opposite of “alive”, no. Dad as in D-A-D, the word for father. So, we have this expression here in… not just here actually, not just in the UK. This is an expression that people say, people use in the US as well, ‘dad jokes’. So, what is a dad joke? Well… have you ever been at a family… like any kind of event where you have family? Like your uncles, your aunts, your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, whoever in your family. And then either your father or your grandfather or your uncle make that joke, you had the dessert right? Someone like your aunt or your mother usually made the dessert and it was “pavê de chocolate” and someone said: “ok, é pavê ou pra comer”? That is the quintessential dad joke.

If you ever had an uncle or a father or a grandfather tell that joke, then you know what a dad joke is. Dad jokes are not the funniest jokes, right? You are not going to laugh because they are hilarious, it’s usually more of an affectionate laugh, right? You are laughing because y’know, it’s you uncle or it’s your dad or your grandpa, so you laugh because the situation is kinda of funny but not because the joke is hilarious.

I can’t remember any dad jokes other than the ‘pavê’ one, and the ones I read in English… I didn’t really find them that funny because they use a lot of local pop culture which is stuff I didn’t grow up hearing, so I don’t really get them. But if you remember any other dad jokes from Brazil just leave a comment, ok? I hope you are having a great week and speak to you guys soon. Bye!

Key expressions

  • dad jokes


What have you been up to? = O que você anda fazendo?

spiderweb = teia de aranha

cockroaches = baratas

ants = formigas

every once in a while = de vez em quando

if I had to pick = se eu tivesse que escolher

you can bet = você pode apostar, pode ter a certeza

crawling on the floor = rastejando no chão

glass jar = pote de vidro

check this out = veja só, saca só, veja isso

as well = também

quintessential = ponto principal/central de algo, típico exemplo de algo

affectionate laugh = risada afetuosa/carinhosa

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