108 | Respect and Education


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In this episode, we have Andy talk about two vital things that we need to be doing in preparing ourselves to move forward. Especially in this challenging time, we need to be wise in how we show up and be mindful of what we should be doing more of.

Listen in now and let us all be reminded and encouraged as we go through the process of moving forward one step at a time.


"The Underlying Foundation Of Any Effective Group Is Really Respecting Each Other.”

“We Need To Try To Make The World A Better Place. We Need To Try To Make Ourselves Better. And I Really Do Believe It Starts With Respect.”

Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) Preparing To Move Forward

(00:55) 2 Things We Can Do In a Daily Basis

(01:55) Treating Others With Respect

(02:47) Learning Something New Every Day

(03:56) Learning Something New From Significant Events In The World Today

(05:03) Andy’s New Book The Consultant’s Code Has Recently Has Made It To #1 As The

International Bestselling Book On Amazon

(06:37) Check Out The Consultant’s Code Book At https://theconsultantscode.com

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