110. If Mike Tomczak can beat the Saints in the playoffs, why not Mitch? - Remember This Crap


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Sunday's game will be the third time the Bears and Saints have met in the playoffs and the Bears have won the first two. You remember the 2007 NFC Championship game and Andy and Mike D. talk about that, but you probably don't remember much about the 1991 Mike Tomczak-Steve Walsh-John Fourcade barage a tois, so we go deep into that one. It's the leftover players from the Super Bowl XX champions mixed with the lovable duds that we rooted for in the '90s against an up and coming Saints team. The game is a little rough, but CBS' broadcast was amazingly entertaining, Mike Ditka wore an awesome jacket, Neal Anderson threw a pass, Bears fans threw snowballs at Saints fans.

It was the final Bears home games for Jim Covert, Dan Hampton and Tomczak and fans actually missed two of them when they were gone.

We also talk a little bit about our plans for this podcast starting next week when either the Bears season is over or it's Packers Week Three and we've already done them to death. So stay tuned.

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