The New Model for Love with Isabell Springer


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Today Isabell shares how the end of her marriage turned into the beginning of an obsessive quest to find answers to explain why some people have great relationships, while many do not.

On her spiritually-guided entrepreneurial journey she soon made a discovery that not only provided answers to these burning questions - but soon became the foundation for her personal growth organization.

There are two separate and distinct components that make up a love relationship:

  1. Romantic Attraction
  2. Emotional Maturity

People often mistake the initial attraction for love rather that what it is.....infatuation.

Listen in as Isabell talks more in depth about these two components, how long they last, and how you can educate and empower yourself by turning the dating process into a journey of personal growth.

For our listeners, Isabell is offering a Self Care Starter Program to help with your personal growth journey.

To get to know more about Isabell and download her free gift to our listeners... go HERE.

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