Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Jen Coken


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Imposter Syndrome is the single biggest roadblock to our progress, yet we hardly discuss it. Why?

If you don't have some form of Imposter Syndrome, you're not playing a big enough game or not stretching yourself.

Most people are unaware they even have it or the impact of its presence in our personal and professional lives.

The questioning and doubting of ourselves comes to us naturally. Some hallmarks of Imposter Syndrome are:

  • Trying to be a perfectionist.
  • Setting incredibly high bars for ourselves and ruminate for days afterwards when we miss them
  • Going in 'low' and not asking for help
  • Not trusting our teams to have our backs
  • Refusing to delegate
  • Thinking you don't know enough yet

So how can we overcome these feelings? Listen in today for help finding that trigger point in you and overcoming it so you can show up as who you were meant to be.

For our listeners, Jen has a quick 20-question quiz for you to take to get a sense of the 'flavor' of your Imposter Syndrome. For anyone who takes the quiz, Jen's offering a free 20-30 minute session with her to breakdown your results and give you suggested tools to use.

To get to know more about Jen and download her free gift to our listeners... go HERE.

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