161: Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome


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Por Adam Schaeuble, This show will deliver podcasting tips about forming a successful business around your podcast as we focus on podcast monetization, Podcast growth strategies. Whether you are looking to create a side hustle or replace your income, and Become a full time podcaster this show will help you get there! descoberto pelo Player FM e nossa comunidade - Os direitos autorais são de propriedade do editor, não do Player FM, e o áudio é transmitido diretamente de seus servidores. Toque no botão Assinar para acompanhar as atualizações no Player FM, ou copie a feed URL em outros aplicativos de podcast.

I think at some point in every entrepreneur's journey they hit a point where they realize that they have put too much on their plate......and it's negatively impacting several areas of their life like their health and their relationships.

Check out episode 161 of Podcasting Business School as I discuss:

  • Why I decided to "put a pin" in a new program/promotion I just launched promo for last week.
  • The filter I use to decide on "Enough vs More"
  • How to assess if what we are currently doing is working and worth the time/money/effort.
  • The shiny objects that we all need to look out for.

This is a very open and honest episode Pod Pals! I hope you can appreciate the authenticity and you are able to learn from some mistakes I've made.

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