Ep 189: Navigating Diet Culture and Finding Fun in COLLEGE with Meredith Renshaw RD of Free Method Nutrition


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When you think about your college experience what comes to mind?

For many of us, college is a fun and exciting season where we find our identity and cultivate lifelong friendships. However, along with that fun and excitement also comes lots of change, learning lessons, and growing pains.

On top of that, the college years tend to be a pivotal time for developing your relationship with food and your body.

That's why today I'm bringing Meredith Renshaw RDN, LDN on the show to share her best tips for navigating diet culture and finding food freedom in this fun, yet hard part of life.

Listen in as Meredith and I both open up about how diet culture impacted our college experiences. Whether you're currently in college or you've been out for a while, this episode will help you move beyond the narratives of diet culture and find more fun.

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