Tobias Reichmuth- bio-hacking and longevity


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A fascinating discussion with Maximon founder Tobias Reichmuth on the topic of longevity, the hallmarks of ageing, supplements that actually help to slow the ageing process, creating a Longevity Valley in Switzerland and much more!

Thomas is definitely someone who can see trends and the opportunities behind them. in 2009, Tobias founded Susi Partners, a private fund manager investing in sustainable energy infrastructure to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients and their beneficiaries while contributing meaningfully to global carbon neutrality. This was not the "hot" sector at the time.

With Maximon, Tobias and team will build companies along the longevity value-chain; from enablers such as science-based supplements, genetical improvements, and personalized treatments, to necessities such as life-long learning, healthspan-insurances for centennials, to sustainable asset management solutions replacing today’s pensions and co-living for active and healthy seniors. They are also hiring and looking for entrepreneur partners in this disruptive space!

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Show Notes:

Superhuman by Dave Asprey

Lifespan by David Sinclair

Women's Brain Project

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene activity caused by mechanisms other than DNA sequence changes. Epigenetic analysis research can involve studying alterations in DNA methylation, DNA-protein interactions, chromatin accessibility, histone modifications, and more. (Illumina)


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