Aging Dangerously + Proudly with 81-year-old Jean Ketcham


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Are you ever too old to chase your dreams?

Jean Ketcham is Aging but Dangerous. Years ago, she made the conscious decision to live a life of fun, spirit and style, and she’s never looked back.

Jean is a former small business owner, top performing regional sales rep, and talk show host. She’s also a proud parent, an avid skydiver, and a cancer survivor. To put it mildly, Jean is up to any challenge.

After retiring, Jean discovered that 55+ women were not living up to their true potential. Their social circles were shrinking and their lifestyles were becoming less stimulating, less adventurous. That’s when Jean became committed to making a difference.

Jean began organizing meetings where women could connect and share experiences, insights and strategies to help them enrich their lives. She brought in speakers on a wide variety of subjects to empower women to take control of the aging process; she also produced special events like 55+ fashion shows, skydiving outings, and an infamous “colonoscopy party.”

Before long, Aging but Dangerous was attracting National attention. Jean was asked to appear on talk shows and in major publications like Time Magazine.

In this episode, Jean tells us why getting older isn't scary after all. In fact, the older we get, the more we can live our dreams and reach our most significant potential. Jean drops so much inspiration in this episode. She reveals all the ways that she stays motivated and positive on her journey. Plus, we chat about the secret to successful relationships, and Jean reveals her biggest regret in life. Later, Jean explains why you're never too old to follow your dreams and the reason you need to get out into the world and prove something to yourself!

In This Episode:

  • About Jean Ketcham [ 2:00 ]
  • How Jean has stayed positive on her journey [ 12:20 ]
  • Ways to inspire yourself despite Covid [ 19:15 ]
  • In relationships, you have to let each other be their own person [ 28:00 ]
  • The reason you need to stop spending time and energy on your weight [ 37:50 ]
  • Jean’s message for the world [ 43:30 ]


  • “I love the whole aging thing.”
  • “It's never too late to do whatever you want to do.”
  • “You have to just keep searching for your soul and what you like and what you want.”
  • “Nobody else is going to do the hard work that you have to do inside yourself.”
  • “Get out there and do something!”
  • “Prove something to yourself.”

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