Ep50: Decentralizing Whiteness in Western Classical "Writ" Music feat. Calloway Cieslak


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The term "classical music" has Eurocentric and classist connotations. Calloway Cieslak has proposed a new name: "Writ Music" which seeks to centralize the music technology (notation) that is significant to the tradition of music and decentralize its whiteness and superiority complex. On this 50th episode, we are calling all the music nerds to join Calloway Cieslak and J.Mix on an exploration into the supremacy of whiteness that still festers in the writ music world.
Some topics discussed:
Being shunned by other classical musicians for appreciating other genres, Affording to learn classical music, How classical music is not intrinsically European, How music theory is connected to white supremacy, Music theory not being universal, What makes a "well-rounded" musician, Cieslak and J.Mix's most uncomfortable music genre

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