David Willsie


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David Willsie is a Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby player and coach! He became a quadriplegic after he was injured during a hockey game in 1995. Shortly after his injury, he was introduced to wheelchair rugby (aka MURDERBALL), and made the national team in 1998.

David participated in five Paralympic games throughout his 19-year career on the national team. In that time, he was featured in the 2005 documentary Murderball, and he appeared on the Rick Mercer Report. He has since participated in an episode of AMI’s documentary series Mind Set Go (season 2), and he is currently the assistant coach of the Canadian Wheelchair Rugby National Team.

David lives in Dorchester, Ontario and works for Lind Lumber which he runs with his brothers.

It was fascinating learning the history of wheelchair rugby, David’s experience with the national team, and the value of sport throughout his life. We hope you enjoy our conversation!

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