It’s All In Your Head: Neurocranial Restructuring for Migraines & Pain W/ Dr. Dean Howell #345


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My body is still reeling after my magical NeuroCranial healing treatment with Dr. Dean Howell (@drdeanhowell) in Los Angeles.

Mind-blowing is quite literally the way to describe his therapy, where balloons were inserted into my nose to re-align my sinuses and flush out cerebrospinal fluid, leaving my mind clear and nose straight. It’s rare to experience a successful treatment you couldn’t imagine having mass potential, but the unique abilities of both Dr. Dean and his psychic partner, Rebecca Hart-Malter, are truly one-of-a-kind. Over the past 20 years, he has personally healed thousands of patients from a wide array of physical ailments (much to the disbelief of traditional medicine).

We deep dive into the dynamics of NeuroCranial therapy and its transformative powers to optimize your brain and facial symmetry. He also shares fascinating insights on radionics, vaccinations, and parasite healing. Trust me; your brain needs to hear this.

10:28 — The Origins of NeuroCranial Restructuring

  • Background in traditional medicine and personal health issues
  • Detoxing from heavy metals and parasites
  • Creating his unique methodology

15:10 — My NeuroCranial Experience

  • The use of balloons in sinus therapy
  • Mechanics of balloon-nose insertion
  • Why extracted teeth cause skull imbalance
  • Restoring bone position to improve brain and cognitive function
  • Curing PTSD

38:42 — Sustainable Innovation

  • Maintaining integrity while growing a business
  • His unique abilities to heal
  • Why chiropractic therapy doesn’t last

50:10 — Effects on Hormones

  • Hair growth and hormones
  • Testosterone levels and basal temperature
  • Treating babies for optimal brain growth
  • Preparing pregnant women for birth
  • Why NeuroCranial therapy is best done before seeing a dentist

1:03:15 — Radionics Technology

  • Using radionics to neutralize vaccine effects
  • Treating tetanus

01:17:43 — Treating Migraines

  • How his studies reduced migraines by 92% – and were silenced by traditional medicine!
  • Why head misalignment causes headaches
  • The freedom of practicing as a minister instead of a doctor

01:24:15 — What a Typical Treatment Schedule Looks Like

  • Why a 4-8 day series of treatments can transform your body for years
  • How he got his medical license back after it was unfairly taken away
  • His plans to do a NeuroCranial Restructuring RV tour around the U.S

01:31:50 — Killing Parasites

  • The six compounds behind his parasite protocol
  • Food allergies and parasites
  • Gravity-fed colonic cleanses
  • Physical symptoms of parasites
  • Why stool sample lab work is not sensitive enough

01:46:20 — Spirituality in His Practice

  • His partner’s powerful psychic abilities
  • The other-worldly way he started training in radionics

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