Childbirth Is Not A Medical Condition: The Freebirth Revolution W/ Yolande Norris-Clark #346


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Yolande Norris-Clark cut the cord with western medicine after her traumatic first pregnancy and miscarriage at 19 years old. She broke away from the Western test tube of clinical hospitals, foreign metal instruments, and disconnected docs-in-white coats for the pure, serene, natural womb of the home. She has free-birthed eight children onto this planet, choosing to not partake in industrialized prenatal care, instead cultivating mental fortitude through meditation, nature, and independent (un)learning.

Together, we examine our personal traumatic birth stories and unpack the healing potential of free birth. She articulately explains how one can lean into the free birth experience if they feel called to do so. Lastly, we broach why traditional feminism has ignored the uncomfortable theme of birth in the women’s rights movement.

This enlightening conversation pushed me to the edge of my programming around the subject of childbirth and what we collectively deem as an appropriate birth experience to claim the “good” parent badge.

The miracle of life has so many layers, and I’m in awe of ALL parents who make empowered decisions that align with their moral compass and lifestyle. I encourage everyone to listen with an open mind and heart, whatever your childbirth value system may be.

08:30 — From Lockdown to Liberation

  • Moving from Canada to Costa Rica during the pandemic
  • Her huge family!
  • Her holistic parenting philosophy

18:50 — Processing Birth Guilt & Trauma

  • How free births have helped heal her distressing entry to this planet
  • Why cutting the umbilical cord is not beneficial to a baby’s health
  • Reconciling ancestral trauma through non-hospital births
  • How the system disconnects us from truly knowing our own bodies
  • The collective awakening happening right now
  • Ayahuasca reflections on my experience in an incubator post-birth

36:44 — (Ultra) Sound Awakening

  • Predatory ultrasound experience and subsequent miscarriage
  • Supporting spontaneous miscarriage at home
  • The pivotal moment where she walked away from the hospital and never went back

54:11 — Defining Free Birth

  • How “natural birth” has been politicized and miscategorized
  • She thinks no hospital birth can be deemed natural
  • The characteristics of a “physiological birth”
  • The current political situation with midwifery
  • Pre-birth education and deprogramming

1:17:14 — Leaning into Free Birth

  • Aligning yourself with the right birth experience meant for you
  • The hallucinogenic energetics of birth and death
  • Her incredible experience using an underground midwife at 20 years old
  • Ego death and surrender during birth
  • Cultivating mental fortitude
  • Reverence for the miracle of life – and death
  • Pushing past indoctrinated birth fears
  • Stepping away from Industrial prenatal care

1:58:30 — What About Feminism?

  • The blind spot in the body rights movement
  • Dismantling fake liberation stories sold to women

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