Day-three draftees analysis, HTPG mailbag + schedule preview & quiz


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Schedule a reminder on your phone, tablet or computer for Wednesday's NFL schedule release! Before previewing 2021-2022's schedule, Paul and Jay dip their toes in the Bengals' draft waters one last time, sharing their takeaways from team personnel and providing insight into day-three draftees. What's the future of NFL offseason programs, and why is it putting rookies in an uncomfortable situation? PDJ and JM flick open the Bengals' mailbag to answer your questions, including is re-signing Sam Hubbard a priority; will Geno Atkins rejoin Cincinnati, and are there any donkeys on the team? The duo then delves into schedule talk, and Jay drops some scheduling knowledge on us. Plus, did you bring your No. 2 pencil? Because it's quiz time!


(5:30) Day-three draftees & personnel insight

(17:30) Offseason program's future

(30:00) Mailbag

(43:00) Schedule preview; stats & quiz!

(1:04:45) Bengals Growler Bet

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