Self-love is created from within, 3 ways to help you find it.


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When you come from a toxic relationship, sometimes it doesn't even have to come from a place that you've been in a toxic or abusive relationship, but it is very important that you love and respect yourself at all times. When you face hard times and hard decisions in your life, hard moments that you have to navigate through, usually the first thing that gets hit is your self-love and probably self-worth or even self-respect.
All of these selves are very important because this is the real you, I want to let you in, in a little secret today, nobody can give you self-love, but yourself. It doesn't matter how much love you get from the outside. How much people show you that they love you, and that they're there for you. If you don't have love for yourself, nobody can make this happen, but you.

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