John Oates: Change of Seasons: A Memoir | Season 3: Ep.1


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Whoa-oh here he comes! Before there was Whole Foods, there was Whole Oates, the musical mash-up of Daryl Hall and John Oates (and eventually just Hall & Oates). A duo whose look was perennially out of touch, their music has nevertheless remained in heavy rotation, heavily sampled, and referenced for close to 40 years. To most people John Oates was the lucky sideman, but John begs to differ in his Change of Seasons. Pick up your Philly Cheese Steak as Martha and Christian wade through the most famous mustache in rock and roll history and discover the man behind "She's Gone", the man who builds log cabins, and the man behind "the 'stache." This episode is guaranteed to make all of your dreams come true (HOO HOO).
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