89: Drones and Federalism w/Brent Skorup


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Drones are a constant source of debate in America. But how do UAVs relate to federalism? Join Brent Skorup, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center, and Karla Jones, Senior Director of the ALEC Task Forces on International Relations and Federalism, as they sit down with Matthew Fisher to discuss how state and local lawmakers are leading the way when it comes to managing and utilizing the emergence of drones in everyday life.
Which States Are Prepared for the Drone Industry, v. 2.0 (50-state map and rankings): https://www.mercatus.org/publications/technology-and-innovation/which-states-are-prepared-drone-industry-0
The FAA is preparing for delivery drones in 2021. Is your state ready? (USA Today op-ed): https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2021/01/30/your-state-ready-expansion-drone-delivery-column/4258507001/
Drone Technology, Airspace Design, and Aerial Law in States and Cities (white paper): https://www.mercatus.org/publications/technology-and-innovation/drone-technology-airspace-design-and-aerial-law-states-and-0

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