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Real Estate Investors Bet On Commercial Properties Even At Record Low Capacity
Quoting Konrad Putzier of The Wall Street Journal, “more than a year into the pandemic, high-rise office buildings are largely empty. About one of every two hotel rooms is unoccupied. Malls are struggling to attract shoppers.
Co-working Real Estate May Still Be On A Firm Foundation
Two years after its soaring 47 billion dollar valuation, loss of investor confidence in former CEO Adam Neumann, its very public corporate cataclysm, and the elimination of thousands of jobs, WeWork is projecting market activity better than pre-pandemic status according to its executive chair, Marcelo Claure.
Warren Buffet’s Missouri-based company partners with New York firm in Modular Home Construction
Investing tens of millions of dollars, Missouri-based construction-technology company, MiTek Inc., owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, is partnering with New York-based architect Danny Forster & Architecture.
News Notes

Investors Bet on Commercial Real Estate, Undeterred by Empty Offices and Hotel Rooms
WeWork Chairman Says Demand Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels
Warren Buffett to Offer a New Spin on Modular Construction

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