How Unbreakable Ambition Created Unbreakable Tights with Katherine Homuth, Founder of Sheertex


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Connect with lovely and ambitious entrepreneur Katherine Homuth, Founder and CEO of Sheertex and Female Funder, as she goes into her journey of unbreakable tenacity and drive to create. Katherine began her entrepreneurial journey at York University in Toronto where she already began working on start-ups and projects. Katherine always wanted to be a founder, she just didn’t know of what yet! This led her to apply to Y Combinator, which she was initially rejected from, yet continued to persist with her dedication to her venture to eventually be accepted with Sheetex - the unbreakable pantyhose company. Weilyn and Ali explore with Katherine how to keep your drive for entrepreneurship, how your naiveitly can be used as an advantage, and the lifelong dynamic of facing your fears.

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