005: Where Do I Start With Automation?


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We all want to make the best use of our time. We all want to maximize the limited number of hours we have in a day. In sum, we all want to be productive.

Automation is an incredible tool that can help us become more productive. As busy business owners, there’s no way we can get everything done if we don’t automate. Little things will slip through the cracks that, when added up, become very big things. Eventually, our profitability and efficiency will decrease exponentially.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that we get questions on the topic of automation all the time. So, in this episode, we’re diving into it. We’re discussing what should be automated, how exactly to do it, and what you may be doing wrong that’s harming you and your business. Tune in to learn all of this and how you can start saving yourself hours of time today.

Show Highlights:

  • Why automation applies to both licensed attorneys and non-licensed employees in your firm.
  • What you should automate in your firm.
  • Why reflection is priceless.
  • Automation tools for email.
  • What Zapier is and how it helps with automation.
  • Tools that help with document automation.
  • Why your automation isn’t working.
  • How to build consistency.
  • The things automation can free you up for.

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