Chill Out: The Ice Bath Revolution w/ Morozko Forge’s Jason Stauffer & Adrienne Jezick #351


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In this episode, I break the ice with Jason Stauffer & Adrienne Jezick, the genius minds behind Morozko Forge: the only ice bath in the world that can maintain freezing temperatures.

I had the pleasure of visiting their HQ in Phoenix, AZ, after the infamous Texas storm delayed our Austin move. My first dip in a Morozko Forge was a mind-numbingly freezing experience. Absolute bliss.

I took the plunge and invested in one of their models for our new house, and I hop into it around 2-3 times a day to short-circuit anxiety, beat the Texas heat, and get me pumped up before a workout.

Jason, Adrienne, and I dive into the health and benefits of cold exposure, their innovative technology, and how their spiritual approach to ice bath therapy has transformed their emotional and physical well-being.

If you’re interested in purchasing an ice bath for yourself, head to and use the code “LUKE150” to receive a $150 discount on Cold Forge and Filtered Forge models or code “LUKE500” to receive a $500 discount for the purchase of their Prism Forge model.

12:00 — Breaking the Ice

  • The nine-second ice bath that changed Adrienne’s life
  • Fine-tuning the engineering process to create the best bath on the market
  • How cold is created
  • Waking up to the gap in the market for cold baths

32:32 — How to Cultivate Presence & Mindfulness with Cold Exposure

  • Confronting the fear of the ice
  • Meeting the cold with mindful intention
  • Why sound baths and the Morozko Forge go so well together

42:50 — Proven Health Benefits

  • Creating stronger muscular tissue in the vascular system for healthy aging
  • Raising testosterone levels
  • Metabolic function and mood elevation
  • How the industrialized world works against our natural physiology
  • Breathwork and ice baths to fight anxiety and depression
  • Why you should do an ice bath before a workout

59:25 — The Morozko Forge Lifestyle

1:15:20 — Innovation in Construction

  • Ozone disinfection system
  • Making ice bath therapy accessible
  • How the Morozko Forge eliminates water waste
  • The perfect cold tub temperature
  • Why cold baths are better than cryotherapy
  • Potential side effects from ice baths
  • Epsom salts in an ice bath

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