How to Pursue Your True Purpose with Kimberly Wong, Founder of Cukimber


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Embrace Kimberly Wong, Founder of cukimber, infectious inspiration with passion driven focused episode. Kimberly Wong is a Chinese American entrepreneur, designer, and community organizer who has lived in Shanghai for 10 years. She is an extrovert and passionate person, living by “take action, NOW”. She is a do-er, making steps every day to create positive systemic change. Kimberly is the Chairperson of Democrats Abroad China, and founded Asian Americans Together which supports Asian Americans living in China. Ali and Weilyn dive into Kimberly’s diverse work and interests that all stem from being in touch with your passions, pursuing your life long dreams, and showing yourself self-care.

Kimberly graduated from New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business in 2008.

After graduating, she moved to Japan to be an English teacher in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture. She started her own food/cooking blog in English teaching foreigners how to find ingredients to create western food, dedicated time to volunteering at an orphanage, and also created her own jewelry line called cukimber. She joined the WUJIE restaurant group, a Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant. She spoke at the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders about the importance of living a healthy life through food. At that time, she also was a host on the television show called “Restaurant Investigator” on ICS.

She became a partner at Sproutworks, another restaurant group that she helped expand from 2 to 7 locations across Shanghai and Beijing including another brand called ban ban. She became a leader in the field of healthy living, working on partnerships with brands like Nike, Lululemon, and has worked extensively as an advisor to Food Heroes, China’s first food education program founded at the World Economic Forum to integrate nutrition and sustainability.

Finally, after a year of painting she felt it was time to try making fabric in August 2018. She was self taught along the way, and her clothing line, cukimber, debuted with the first collection Bohemian Dreams in 2019 in the first floor of Xintiandi Plaza next to Jason Wu and Yohji Yamamoto.

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