Ep 132: The Silent Epidemic in Healthcare – Second Victim Phenomenon


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There’s a relatively new concept in the healthcare industry that many of its professionals are facing and might not even realize it. The ‘Second Victim’ phenomenon hasn’t always been well-known but more and more people are acknowledging this silent epidemic that frontline workers like CRNAs are dealing with every day. Robyn Finney, APRN, CRNA, DNAP has created a peer support program called HELP – Healing Emotional Lives of Peers – that is working diligently to improve the lives of anesthesia providers, and she joins the show today to help us better understand this phenomenon and how it’s affecting our industry.

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What we discuss on this episode:

3:14 – Background on Robyn

4:10 – Why this topic is important

6:34 – What is the third victim?

8:45 – Symptoms

11:09 – Stigmas

18:11 – Events that cause this

22:36 – Second Victim Peer Support Program

25:36 – Institutional support

29:31 – What kind of support is beneficial?

32:12 – More resources

36:25 – Challenges she faced

41:03 – Training she’s doing

46:17 – How will this play out with COVID

50:58 – Final thoughts

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