Addressing Grief & Loss for Moms with Grief Specialist & Coach Sanita Mitchell


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In todays episode we talk about grief and the different ways it can look including debunking some common misconceptions and myths.

Sanita Mitchell is a Grief Recovery Specialist and Grief Coach who helps women overcome their tangible and intangible grief and loss experiences to remove the mask of pain, guilt, and unresolved emotions so that they can live a full, authentic and victorious life after loss. She is the founder of Grief Under Grace and Anaya's Project.

Right now many people are dealing with grief and loss whether its loss of a job or loss of a family member. As mom’s we also may be shouldering the unseen grief or loss of our family members including shouldering the emotions of our children and what they may be experiencing at this time.

Sanita shares her story of infant loss and infertility and breaks down the various facets of grief, why its important to grieve and the steps to acknowledge grief in yourself and others and the path to healing. She says we can even grieve what may seem like a happy moment and goes on to debunks so many of the common beliefs and sayings we tend to use to try and explain, dismiss or even comfort those who are dealing with a loss.

Sanita shares so much wisdom, knowledge and experience that is so beneficial as we all have experienced a loss in our lives in some way or the other. Mama, this topic is a sobering but much needed conversation and one that can help you navigate the different emotions and facets of grief and loss.

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