40. Attracting Premium Clients as a Service Provider with Keshia White


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Keshia White is a Business Mentor for new service providers, who want to learn how to attract premium clients online.

After nearly a decade in corporate America, working in business-to-business sales, from the telecommunications industry to the software industry, Keshia made a pivot to take her branding and web design business full-time in 2018.

After running her own business full-time for nearly two years and generating over $100,000 in revenue, she now uses her experience to teach new service providers the branding and marketing strategies that they need to attract their first premium clients online.

Keshia went from starting her business as a hobby just to be creative to growing it into something amazing. In this episode we chat about one of her biggest mistakes when she was starting out, her recommendations for being intentional when pricing at a premium, how she structures her client experience, the value of onboarding calls, how to know when you’re at capacity, creating boundaries with clients, how she keeps from getting burnt out as a service provider, and tips for becoming a mentor in your service space.


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