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Miami Community Rocked By Massive 200 Tenant Eviction
Miami’s Edgewater apartment building Hampton on the Bay served all of its 200 tenants with eviction notices to vacate the premises by July 16, 2021 for completion of renovations.
South Florida Real Estate Investing Fraud Caught By SEC
Two South Florida men have agreed to pay millions after being caught by the Securities and Exchange Commission officials for creating a $2.4 million Ponzi-like real estate scheme.
40 Major Cities To Face Potential Housing Disaster
Even though the current housing market is a bit of a raging campfire, the great possibility of a massive downturn looms.
News Notes

This Miami Apartment Building Is Evicting All Of Its 200 Tenants In 60 Days by Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald
South Florida Man Used His Real Estate Company To Steal $1.1 Million, The Sec Charges by David J. Neal
40 Cities That Could Be Poised For a Housing Crisis by Andrew Lisa
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