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One of the greatest things about exercise is the power that it has to change lives. Yes, looking good is important, but having the health, strength and ability to enjoy life and do all of your favorite activities, or fall in love with new ones, is even more important. Vance Hinds is an attorney from Texas who used to weigh 475 pounds; like many people he struggled with the ability to stay on an exercise program until one day he finally 'flipped the switch' and made his health a priority in his life. Vance decided that one word would guide his mission to improve his health and 3 1/2 years later he has made remarkable progress; in fact, Vance's journey has created such tremendous results that he has become a social media influencer and has recently written a 90-day Exercise Journal to help others change their lives. On this episode of All About Fitness, Vance shares what motivated him to change his life and the one word that has made all of the difference. Be ready to be inspired on how you can use exercise to change your life!

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