Stop Thinking Thoughts That Scare You


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Have you ever felt like you are stuck?

Noa Shaw​ is a certified life coach who guides his clients to become better versions of themselves by helping them identify and understand their purpose and achieve what they want in life. Whether you’re searching for more meaning or fulfillment in your personal life and relationships, or seeking to establish the confidence and accountability to realize your business, career and leadership goals, Noa can help you chart your path and develop the tools you’ll need to grow. With over 20 years of experience working in addiction treatment and helping clients rebuild their lives in the aftermath of trauma, Noa specializes in helping guide his clients from the depths of darkness into a life filled with beauty and light.

In this episode, I talk to Noa Shaw, who has dedicated his life to helping other people. First, Noa opens up about his story of never fitting in and being the black sheep of his family. After a downward spiral of fighting, car accidents, violence, dead friends, suicide attempts, failed marriages, and stints in rehab, Noa needed to change. Noa explains how he turned his life around and why he loves to help other people work through their issues, improve their lives, and find abundance.

In This Episode:

  • All about Noa Shaw and his story [ 3:30 ]
  • Why Noa’s book starts with “I SHOULD BE DEAD” [ 19:45 ]
  • The importance of mentors in Noa’s life [ 32:25 ]
  • Noa reveals the least spiritual thing that you can say [ 35:20 ]
  • How we are all products of our childhood [ 43:00 ]
  • About the person that changed Noa’s life [ 50:10 ]


  • “I met one of the most important people in my life on Zoom.”
  • “Saying you're really spiritual is pretty much counterintuitive to the concept of spirituality.”
  • “I'm a searcher.”
  • “We have the capacity for great love, but also the capacity for great evil.”
  • “It's up to us to be to be overly kind, loving, joyous, and free.”
  • “I couldn't cry because I didn't really know how to cry.”

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