#146 - CPA MOMS Franchisees Discuss Their First Year Experiences


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This week on The CPA MOMS Podcast, CPA MOMS Franchisees Lori Hinelsey and Nicole Kehl are back to discuss what their first year experiences have been being a franchisee. They share what it was like, what surprised them, and how much they grossed in their first year.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  • What do they wish they knew in the beginning of their career, that they know now?
  • What the first year of a franchisee entails? What kind of training, mentoring, and coaching did they receive?
  • Did anything surprise them the first year as a franchisee and what was it?
  • How much did they gross, or are targeted to gross, their first year?
  • What has been the greatest benefit of being a franchisee versus going out on your own alone?
  • What next year’s vision is for their firm and for their family?
  • What advice they had for anyone who might be on the fence about leaving their job and becoming a franchisee?

You can find the full show notes HERE

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