Ep. 124 - Understanding Gene Keys to Unlock Your Genius


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In this episode, Chelsea is joined by Chrissy Papetti, discussing Gene Keys!

This episode is all about spirituality, genetics, shadow work, and much more. Chrissy was a professional dancer who suffered a hip labral tear, bringing her dance-centric identity into question for the first time in her life. The surgery was successful, but left her with chronic pain.

Beginning her career as an occupational therapist, Chrissy was inspired by her work, but longed for the freedom to help others reach their full potential on a deeper level. After emerging victorious from a near-decade long inner battle with chronic pain and losing herself, Chrissy set off to build a business that would help other high-achievers overcome the stress-induced barriers they face in pursuit of a purpose-driven, fulfilling life.

You can find Chrissy at https://chrissypapetti.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/chrissypapetti/, subscribe to her newsletter https://mailchi.mp/98997f22a03d/selfmasteryvip and check out her offer: https://chrissypapetti.com/genius

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