The Curse of Overthinking


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This week on The Tarot Diagnosis, Shannon and Luna do a lot of thinking about...thinking. Specifically, overthinking. Magically, they explore tarot, therapy, and neuroscience all in under an hour!

This episode was inspired by an overthinking moment in our own lives, when we did a little mutual hand wringing about the word “the” vs. “our” (we went with “the”- we second guessed that decision too).

Why do we overthink about some ideas more than others? And - why do some people do this more often? Maybe we sometimes give ourselves a hard time and say we are “overthinking,” when actually something just really needs very careful consideration.

Sneak peek - we talk about security blankets, how Socrates expanded human consciousness, name some of our pet peeves about the therapy world, and explain why The Magician is the almost always the answer.

Weirdly, we never mention Nine of Swords…

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