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When Jamie Wheal comes on Bulletproof Radio we always dig into mind-bending topics. This time, our conversation spans a special four-part mini-series to discuss his new book: “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death in a World That’s Lost its Mind.”

In this Part 2 episode, we talk about how you can biohack sex and the impacts of a post-orgasmic state.

Jamie studies neuroanthropology, which brings together culture, biology, and psychology. He’s the founder of the international Flow Genome Project, an organization that helps people reach their peak human performance. He’s currently focusing on Hedonic Engineering, a combination of neuroscience and optimal psychology. His book looks at the world’s collapse of meaning, the embracing of nihilism, and how you can shift your stories to tackle the world by connecting to others and revitalizing yourself.

In Part 1, The Neuroscience of Sex – Jamie Wheal, Part 1 with Dave Asprey – #845, you learn about Jamie’s research on sex and the power sex has to improve our lives.

Now, we get into “taking the kink out of kinky,” and suggest ways you can engage with your partner (or partners) that maximize pleasure. Things like timed breathwork, music with a strong beat, and other techniques load up your nervous system and create a balance in your body, leading to great sex.

“We're reclaiming the full spectrum of human physiology and psychology,” he says, “because no man is an island. No woman is either. Our sociology is about us doing all these things together.”

Our conversation includes the powerful states women can access during sex. Specifically, an incredible post-orgasmic state that can offer major healing.

“Once again, really much more accessible, cheap, free, like this is everybody, all you got to do is just shut your front door and schedule a playdate with a friend with benefits,” Jamie says. “And you can have access to the things that are getting touted in the new cycles, kind of incessantly over the last three years as these miracle cures and breakthroughs of psychedelic therapies.”

He says that PornHub as a baseline for sexuality and inspiration isn’t a great idea, yet Americans struggle to rethink approaches to sex in broader terms and prioritize sexual well-being and connection.

“We've got such deep conflicted, puritanical coding overlaid with hypersexuality and commodification that it can be really difficult,” Jamie says.

Touching on a range of topics, we’ll also talk about the power of the feminine, the Council of Grandmothers, cults (and how to spot them) and authoritarianism.

Be sure to follow the conversation in Part 3 when Jamie and I talk more about death and God. And, of course, a lot more.

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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