Finding Your Identity Through The Noise And Conversations On Music, Cultural Appropriation, And Racism With Kitten Kuroi


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Finding your identity as an artist in the contemporary music scene is a unique challenge that none of our predecessors had experienced before. Before, artists had a deeper connection with the music they were making. The barriers to entry in music have gone way down since social media became a dominant cultural phenomenon, making it easier for artists to put their work out there for people to consume. However, there is also this pull to sound like everyone else. Amid all this noise, Kitten Kuroi strives to stay true to herself – to an identity that she felt naturally drawn to, even if she can’t exactly explain why. That is what makes her music unique and unlike anything you’ll hear in the charts today. She joins Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen on the show to talk about her search for identity as a musical artist and as a person. They also throw around insights on feline energy, the comparison trap, cultural appropriation, diversity, and racism. Stay tuned for a barrage of truth bombs in this insightful episode!

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