Rossmann Architecture: How to Run the Business Side of Architecture (w/ Shane Balcom)


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Shane Balcom joined Rossmann Architecture in July 2020 and hasn’t looked back. Since Balcom’s arrival, the Ottawa-based firm has seen its revenue triple and the size of its team double, thanks in part to the leadership principles the managing director has brought to the table. In a conversation with Monograph’s Best Practice co-hosts Chris Morgan and George Valdes, Balcom discussed the role company culture plays in the health of a company’s bottom line, how routine has created a needed sense of stability, and the best practices he’s instituted to make Rossmann a thriving firm.

Interview Takeaways

  • Streamline decision-making to help increase revenue
  • Culture is an essential part of company growth
  • Vertical leadership structure is still important
  • Use weekly one-on-ones to create stickiness
  • How retaking control in project management shapes strategy
  • Institute a ‘forecast rhythm’ to help with planning
  • The value of staying consistent
  • Transparency and respect go hand in hand
  • Understand the role work plays in people’s lives
  • The power of delegation
  • Pay incentives can help bolster company culture
  • Source ideas from everyone

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