Talentstar: How To Empower Talent In Architecture (w/ Marjanne Pearson)


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How do you achieve successful growth as an architecture firm? It all comes down to having the right people on your team. Today, there are small 20-person firms that are making incredible revenue and ranking on lists alongside much larger counterparts. There are firms that have been acquired by larger firms, only to see their original talent leave. There is no magic formula for hiring and retaining the best people. But according to Marjanne Pearson, an industry force and the Chief Strategy Officer of Talentstar, there are ways to empower your strategic agenda and fill the roles you need.

Interview Takeaways

  • Architecture is more than design craft
  • The birth of strategy and specialization
  • The four levels of leadership
  • Think beyond full-time employees
  • Grow slowly and steadily
  • Make change as easy as possible
  • Learn how to become a change manager
  • Evaluate hires for cultural fit
  • Perfect the art of the interview
  • The dangers of acquisition
  • Help clients understand what they’re missing
  • Design firms are not a hierarchy

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