#10286 Catholic Moral Teachings - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 05:10 – I reject the Pope saying it’s okay to take the COVID vaccines, which are based on the murder of children. 15:08 – Is there a difference in the kinds of suffering we have? 20:22 – I disagree with the idea that abortion is wrong even when the mother is too young to take care of a child. 30:00 – Is eternity in hell a just and fair punishment? 42:19 – I’ve heard conflicting things from multiple Catholic leaders about the morality of the death penalty. What is the Church’s official teaching, and why? 47:50 – Do we have an obligation to give priority to vaccines that have no connection to abortion? 50:27 – I think the teaching against masturbation is unrealistic and harmful and leaves people in a state of constant guilt. …

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