Dr. Mykle Jacobs and consultant Bob Spiel: keys to running a successful private practice


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Many oral surgeons are likely to have a type-A personality and are often inclined to want to control, rather than delegate tasks and responsibilities. While these traits are useful to the focus required during oral surgery, it’s not always conducive to instituting a well-run practice. In today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Mykle Jacobs and Consultant Bob Spiel, to discuss the keys to running a successful private practice. When Dr. Jacobs purchased his practice in March last year he only had a week before the world was hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. In our conversation, we discuss the transformative effect that Bob’s approach had on Dr. Jacobs’ practice and what it was like instituting these changes during a pandemic. Bob explains key adjustments that can revolutionize a practice, like foregoing a stop-start schedule, in favor of blocking your time off with like-by-like procedures. We also hear about Bob’s Roles to Goals method to create a more meaningful and motivating environment for staff members, and Dr. Jacobs reflects on what he’s learned from Bob, especially when it comes to delegation and understanding his leadership style. This conversation is jam-packed with indispensable insights and excellent tips so make sure you tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guests Dr. Mykle Jacobs and consultant Bob Spiel.
  • Dr. Jacobs’ experience of acquiring his new practice a week before COVID hit.
  • How Bob assisted Dr. Jacobs during the height of the pandemic.
  • Some of Bob’s methods for facilitating changes for his clients’ practices.
  • The transformative impact that Bob had on the practice.
  • How Bob structures schedules to avoid burn-out in a dental practice.
  • The impact that restructuring their scheduling and consultation has had on the practice.
  • The joy and efficiency of establishing a flow in your practice.
  • The role of a flow manager.
  • How to empower your team so that they can support the doctor.
  • Bob’s Roles to Goals process and how he uses it to train staff.
  • How Dr. Jacobs incentivizes his staff to reach their goals.
  • The importance of an effective and proactive manager upfront.
  • The value of morning meetings and regularly communicating with your staff.
  • Having a system mindset and how it helps your team take ownership of their actions.
  • Why hiring Bob as a consultant was the best decision Dr. Jacobs could have made.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

La Grange Oral Surgery and Implant Centre Website — https://www.lgoralsurgerycenter.com/

La Grange Oral Surgery and Implant Centre Phone — (706) 884-2655

Bob Spiel Email — bob@spielconsulting.com

Bob Spiel Phone — 2085 206900

Flip Your Focus: Igniting People, Profits and Performance through Upside-Down — https://www.amazon.com/Flip-Your-Focus

Dr. Grant Stucki Email — grantstucki@gmail.com

Dr. Grant Stucki Phone — 720 441 6059

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