Can The Flyers Fix The Downslide? (PST Show # 439)


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This week, what we're throwing down on the Table is a fantastic discussion and interview with Rachel Donner from the Locked on Flyers and Locked on NHL podcasts about whether or not this Flyers team and organization can fix the current downslide. We are all seeing the issues on the ice, but can anything be done about it? We got into it this week with Rachel!
But first, Major League Baseball is heading for a lockout, and the Phillies now have themselves a new closer and reliever in the bullpen in Corey Knebel. (approx. 9:15)
We then discussed Erik's experience at the Sixers game this past weekend when Joel Embiid made his return to the starting lineup, and how there's too much being placed on Embiid's and Tyrese Maxey's plate. (approx. 19:30)
From there, we dove into some Eagles talk, but specifically about DeVonta Smith and how the Eagles have underutilized his playmaking talent and ability. (approx. 32:45)
We also went into dreamland by talking about our biggest "what ifs" in recent Philly sports history that has been on our minds. (approx. 42:10)
What we threw down on the Table was a great discussion with Rachel Donner from Locked on Flyers about whether or not we'll see any resurrection from this Flyers team that started the season strong, but now cannot score to save their lives. Chuck Fletcher's recent enraging comments during his presser, and generating balance between the penalty kill and power play. Is Joel Farabee starting to rebound, and will this team start consistently scoring in the future? All of this and much more during our discussion with Rachel! (approx. 1:03:00)
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