S10E06 | Managing client data, job statuses and to-do lists with a CRM


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Chris Garbacz | Studio Ninja

Managing a business can be stressful. You have a thousand and one hats to wear, and with that, means a never ending to-do list. As your business grows, so does that to-do list, but you don’t need to have an office full of sticky notes and an excel file with client details. You can have all those things in a CRM (client relationship management software, and if you use a photographers specific CRM like Studio Ninja, you can also keep contracts, quotes, invoices and so much more in there too. Better yet, Studio Ninja comes with sample templates of all of things and more!

In today’s interview, Kirstie interviewed the co-founder of Studio Ninja to learn what makes them different, how they help you, and what exactly these CRM’s can do for you.

Oh and if you’re ready to make the switch- they offer a free migration service )yep, even from sticky notes!) and with our coupon, you’ll save 50% for the first twelve months.

Coupon Code: PPPI50


Website: https://www.studioninja.co/

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