Martin Wells, "No One Playing: The Essence of Mindfulness in Golf and in Life" (John Hunt, 2022)


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Today I talked to Martin Wells about his new book No One Playing: The Essence of Mindfulness in Golf and in Life (John Hunt, 2022).

To imagine you’re in control, on a golf course or otherwise in life, is “absurd” explains Martin Wells. It’s not that one gets into the zone; instead, the zone finds you. In those and other ways, this delightful book and author both honor golf as a sport and find much more in playing it that offers us insights into human nature and behavior. Want to know which emotions may help you putt better? Why there’s a thin line between humility and humiliation? Want to hear about the saga that has been Tiger Woods’ career? Then this episode is for you. Addition highlights include Jean Van de Velde’s epic 1999 Open Championship meltdown and the profound wisdom of Bobby Jones’ observation that “The length of a golf course is five inches—the space between your ears.”

Martin Wells has worked as a psychotherapist in the National Health Services (NHS) for over 30. He lives in Bristol, England, and at age 70 is still a single figure handicap golfer. He’s also played senior amateur and semi-professional soccer for nearly 20 years.

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