Derek Pew, Chairman Hashwatt; Bitcoins profound use case, ESG Mining, Digital Asset Credibility


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Derek Pew, Chairman of Hashwatt and Harena Data gives us a mini masterclass in building a Bitcoin mining operation with an ESG focus, the misunderstanding of quantitative easing and why printing money creates inflation, why inflation is called "capital gains" if you own real estate or other assets, the credibility of digital assets, the future of gaming and the metaverse! SO MUCH MORE!


3:45- Rolodex Ice Breaker!

10:00- Bitcoin, Energy, Fear based affirmations

17:00- Coal, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuels and the reality of the historical mining industry.

21:00- Hashwatt wants to be a good bacteria in the belly of the electric ecosystem market. Playing by the regulatory rules.

25:00- Electric Cars (lithium batteries) vs. Bitcoin/Crypto

31:00- Cost per hash, Chinese miners, Kazakhstan, frequency of verifying a Bitcoin

52:00- Our emotional "fear" crisis, negative confirmation bias, emotional affirmations driving misinformation. FOMO & FUD

57:00-History of money; limited supply, compact, utility, geo-politics, gold, quantitative easing and inflation

1:00:00- Democratization of finance, the profound nature of Bitcoin, the use case for cross border interaction and community, false assumptions around fraud

1:10:00- The Silk Road case and the Tim Ferriss Podcast with Katie Haun.

1:11:00- Chinese Digital Yuan; a cautionary tale that is an anethma to what crypto currencies were originally created to do.

1:17:00- Esports, Harena, Gaming and the Metaverse.

1:22:00-The social side of multiplayer gaming in the metaverse, Ray Kurzweil, Futurists, Lisa Randall

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Bretton Woods

Lisa Randall, Knocking on Heavens Door

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