#10631 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn


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Questions Covered: 05:04 – What’s the Catholic teaching on what to do when a fetus has been conceived in vitro but not implanted in the womb yet? 11:28 – How should we balance strong defense of the faith and the unborn with a charitable approach to those who are pro-choice? 19:29 – How should a Catholic talk to a family member with homosexual inclinations about what the Church teaches, while still having a caring approach? 28:35 – How can I explain anointing of the sick to a Seventh Day Adventist? 35:39 – How can I respond to Protestants who say statues and things like that are idols? 42:45 – How can the Son be begotten of the Father but also be consubstantial with him? 47:18 – How can we defend the idea that life begins at conception if not all fertilized eggs become implanted? …

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