Episode 311: Episode #310, June 1, 2022


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This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve done in the past six years. Our guest, Tennessee’s Wesley Strader is a great guy with an incredible personality. He’s fished at the top levels of bass fishing for 20 years and has won over two-million bucks. He is the best kept secret in the world of bass fishing, don’t you think? We cover the gamut from waterways to married life. The time went by so darned fast! Listen to a truly good guy talk about all things bass fishing.
Dan Johnston from St. Croix joins us to talk about St. Croix’s annual Customer Appreciation Days event. It sounds too good to miss!
Dave VanDoorn is a professional angler that has been Take a Vet Fishing's "Daily Ambassador" since 2012. VanDoorn has averaged over 130 days a year on the water for Take a Vet Fishing. Listen to a great guy from a great group tell his story.

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