Resiliency: Navigating the Space Between What We Want and What it is Life Gives Us


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Charles Hunt is a Resilience Expert, Educator, and motivational speaker. Adept at leveraging transparency to inspire and get results, this former College Recruiting, Talent Management, Diversity, and Supply Chain leader left the corporate world to fulfill his vision of building unbreakable spirits and cultivating resiliency for those who, like him, have The Audacity to Succeed. He helps students, young professionals, business and thought leaders build resilience while harnessing our most important resource in resilience…our minds.

Charles’ TEDx Talk "What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience" has attracted international acclaim. As the founder of The Audacity Firm, LLC, his firm provides professional & personal development programs, coaching, and events that equip clients to build and maintain hope, navigate trauma and adversity, & build the resilience necessary to LIVE, DO, and BE BETTER. Charles has led programming at some of the premier universities, colleges, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profits across the country, helping thousands of students and leaders find their way to a better future through enhanced thinking, resilience, career readiness, life coaching, and direct hiring opportunities.

Charles shares incredible stories of resiliency, determination, and success from his journey. Raised on welfare in a drug house in the projects of Oakland, CA by a drug addicted mother, and having lost his father to murder at the age of 10, he seemed destined for a life of trauma and despair from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). But instead of succumbing, he surmounted, navigating the pitfalls on his path to becoming a self-financed, first generation college graduate (BA in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward) and a highly accomplished human resources, financial, & resilience expert. His intense focus, drive, and unbreakable spirit has lifted him from poverty and debt to financial freedom, while fueling his life’s purpose to use his mess as a message that helps, inspires, and motivates others.

Now equipped with a Masters Degree in Financial Analysis (Portland State University) and an impressive 17-year corporate career with industry leaders like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, IBM, Intel, Ingersoll Rand, and Belk, an army of degrees and certifications from highly esteemed institutions (Cornell University Certified Diversity Professional), and the life-issued “School of Hard Knocks”, Charles is uniquely gifted and equipped to inspire, motivate, teach, and explain how clients can execute their own “From….To…” story, proving that our only limits are our thoughts.

He is also an Adjunct Professor of Finance in Charlotte, NC. A dynamic, engaging and resultsoriented speaker, contact him to bring resilience and hope to you & your organization!


Hello, everyone! Charles Hunt is on today's show. Today, we talk about hope and resilience, addressing childhood trauma, healing versus hardening, and the importance of planning our outcomes. Charles also talks about the wide spectrum of resilience, how our beliefs affect our resilience, and some of the tools he uses for healing and resilience.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [08:55] A little bit about Charles.
  • [13:48] What has kept Charles going?
  • [19:18] Defining resilience.
  • [20:11] How to develop resilience in your life.
  • [24:08] Resilience in children.
  • [32:35] Do you become more resilient when you’re healing?
  • [36:13] Planning our potential outcomes.
  • [37:25] Do we overcomplicate everything?
  • [40:13] Healing and the heart.
  • [42:54] The importance of beliefs and how they manifest.
  • [46:30] We’re all deserving of good things.
  • [47:17] Not taking on the victim mentality.
  • [49:15] What are Charles’ healing tools?
  • [52:44] The importance of physical activity.


  • “Hope is what keeps our eyes fastened towards a better future. It’s resilience that keeps us on the actual path towards it.” [17:44]
  • “Without hope, it becomes so much easier to make decisions that don’t necessarily work in our best interests.” [19:07]
  • “[resilience is] the capacity to adapt to negative change and then to recover from it as quickly as possible.” [19:29]
  • “Resilience does not equal healing.” [26:17]
  • “The things that we have experienced, they stay with us.” [48:06]
  • “The networks and the partnership that we’re able to get around us, helps embolden and strengthen our resilience.” [52:36]

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