PART TWO - The EVEN MORE Raw, Real and Vulnerable story of Bek Antonucci🔥


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Welcome back beautiful humans to PART TWO of my journey.✨ It’s so good to be back in your ears again.

In this episode we’ll pull the bookmark out from Bek Antonucci’s life story and pick up from where we left off in part one. I’ll bring you into the doctor’s surgery with me on the day I thought was the worst day of my life…. But little did I know it definitely wasn’t. There was still more to come.👀

You’ll cover:

  • Three pivotal moments that changed my life forever
  • How a rebound guy was my ticket to the world of personal and professional development
  • The things I did to try to make myself feel worthy

… and so much more!

The video when I started speaking my authentic truth can be found here.

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