Reclaiming your Confidence 💦 & the #1 Cure 🙏🏼 (it’s not what you think it is) with The Yoni Nutritionist


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Today I am joined by the incredible, smart, beautiful, sexual and very empowered Adrienne aka the Yoni Nutritionist. Adrienne is someone I have followed personally for a long time and a woman who I invite to be a masterclass mentor in my breakthrough programs every single time.

As a passionate Sexual Health and STI Advocate, she empowers women to slay the shame and stigma of common vaginal health issues and help them feel confident within their sexuality, teaching the importance of nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices so they can enjoy their sex lives again!

In this chat we dive into:

  • Why doing ‘all of the right things’ and taking ‘all of the supplements’ won’t be your cure
  • Your Yoni = Your Intuition
  • How to reclaim your confidence and step into sexual liberation

… and so much more

You can find Adrienne @yoninutritionist and

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