Episode 46: Using Relational Frame Theory to Tackle Stigma Toward Persons With Disabilities with Dr. Rocco Catrone, Ph.D., BCBA-D


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In this episode, Ben chats with Rocco Catrone, Ph.D., BCBA-D about his work in applying relational frame theory (RFT) to stigma towards individuals with disabilities. The conversation starts by looking at some of the societal phenomena that contribute to stigma followed by an RFT analysis of stigma and a discussion of a basic research experiment toward reducing perceptions of stigma.

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  • BACB: 1.5 Learning
  • IBAO: 1.5 Cultural
  • QABA: 1.5 DEI

Trigger Warning:

In this episode, we discuss several topics related to stigma that may be triggering to some. The following are approximate times when these topics are discussed:

17:40: Othering

25:50: Simulation Exercises

31:00: Inspiration Porn

37:00: Assisted Suicide/Abortion

47:20: Discussion Ends

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Show Notes:

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