Ep164: A Success Checklist with Chad Pescod


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Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle we're talking with Chad Pescod from Oshawa, Ontario, just outside of Toronto and it's a pretty interesting story of how Chad and I met, but I'll let Chad share that story in the podcast here.

We had a great conversation. Chad is a brand new real estate agent. He's off to a great start and getting going to establish himself in a specific area. So today we went through an entire checklist for him to build a plan and to keep things on track toward creating his listing agent lifestyle.

He's already well underway and has been implementing the things we talk about here for about three months now.

It's really exciting to hear his enthusiasm, his experiences so far, and what's been happening as he's takes the information from the podcast and the forums in GoGoAgent.com to build his business.

I think we're gonna see big things from Chad and there's a lot for you to get from this episode, especially if you're in that same situation.

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