#213 Solving the challenges of our times with massive graph analytics with Dr. David A Bader, Distinguished Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology


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This week on the Data Futurology podcast, we have the special privilege to host Dr. David A. Bader, a Distinguished Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the inaugural director of the Institute for Data Science there.

Bader joins us on the podcast to discuss massive graph analytics, a topic that he is a recognised expert in and has recently published a book on. He and his team are currently working on a project that will allow anyone, via the Jupyter Notebook and Python, to leverage their data science framework, running on “tens of terabytes” of data. “It is quite exciting to democratise data science – and especially graph analytics – so that anyone with a problem that knows Python can work with some of the largest data sets,” he said.

According to Bader, graphs are now a mainstream part of data science and a way to solve the most challenging and complex problems in the enterprise. “A graph abstracts relationships between objects, and any problem that we can abstract where we have relationships between objects, we could use graph analytics to solve,” he said.

Much of Bader’s work – including through his book – is focused on helping organisations grapple with the exponential growth in data, and the impact that this has on their ability to dedicate adequate resources to work at scale. As he said, being able to do that is going to be fundamental to humanity’s ability to respond to the many real challenges that it faces ahead.

“I want equitable access for everyone to be able to work on these problems, and to find new discoveries that are important, and help solve global grand challenges,” he said. “I think that we have many issues in the world today. And if we give more capabilities to those with data, and let them empower the data will make the world a much better place.”

For more deep insights on the importance and value of massive graph analytics, tune in to our conversation with Dr. David A. Bader.

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